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CCI 0029 SELECT 22 Long Round Nose 29 GR 100Box/50Case
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DescriptionSpotting CCI shooters on the range isn't hard. Look for tight groups or cans with several holes in them. Regardless of the target, CCI ammunition delivers. If you're competing, :decent groups" just won't do. That's why CCI offers a full line of ammunition designed for those in competition like 22 Short, Maxi-Mag TMJ, 22 Long, Mini-Mag, Green Tag, Pistol Match, Standard Velocity, Select, and Short Target.Whether you're shooting a rifle or pistol, CCI have a high-performance load for you.
DepartmentAmmo › Rimfire
Caliber22 Long
Bullet TypeRound Nose
Bullet Weight29 GR
Muzzle Energy95 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity1215 fps
Rounds per box100 Rounds Per Box, 50 Boxes Per Case
REG: $10.95
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